It's easy to determine how many wall blocks and caps you'll need to build a wall with Anchor™ products. Just use the pull-down menu to select the product you plan to build with and answer the questions below. Don’t forget to check the box if your wall is curved.

With this tool, you are limited to estimating a project that is up to the maximum gravity wall height for a product. The total wall height includes the buried base course but excludes the cap.

Once you've entered the total wall height and length, you'll get the quantity of product needed. You’ll also get an estimate of the amount of leveling pad and drainage aggregates, along with the adhesive needed for your project.

Check with your dealer to determine the availability of specific Anchor products.

If you are a professional and/or plan to use this tool often, register here for the enhanced Materials Estimator.

Wall Calculator
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Wall is curved    Extra caps will be added to your estimate.